VausSim Ultrasound Simulation - SMART STAT Basic with VausSim

Category: Educational and Simulation Labs ,,, SubCategory: Emergency and Rescue Simulation
Company: Nasco Nasco


Create your own ultrasound simulator. Network of high-fidelity sensors makes the skin of any simulator or manikin ultrasound scannable even in mobile settings. Use a powerful editor to independently create a customized and exclusive casebook of real US images/videos/volumes. Change the pathological ultrasound status of the patient in real time during the scenario. Completely independent. Not sensitive to magnetic field. Guarantees continuous functioning, even during transportation and movement of the patient. SMART STAT, SMART STAT Basic, and STAT training options: Software that includes an Emergency module with 8 different cases FAST, eFAST, and RUSH acquired and validated by universities and scientific associations, a realistic user interface with integrated controls for the modulation (contrast, brightness, etc.) or the analysis (freeze, measurements, etc.) of the image, and a user-friendly, browser-based instructor interface that can be used on a PC, tablet, or smartphone connected via network to the user interface and allows the use of VausSim during advanced simulation scenarios. 3 different realistic probes (curved, linear, and phase array), including pressure sensor and a bright LED for orientation of probe. Set of 18 sensors that can be placed anywhere on the simulator directly by the instructor in order to create new ultrasound scanning points. Software license. User manual. Transport case. Available bundled with new simulation systems or as an upgrade to existing SMART STAT (101-8000), SMART STAT Basic (101-8002), SMART STAT Complete (101-8001), or STAT simulators (101-300) and (101-310). Includes SMART STAT Basic manikin (101-8002/a>), plus the VausSim ultrasound simulator described above.

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